To provide a loving environment where Indigenous teachings and ceremonies can be shared for the healing of all our relations.


Love, Share, and Heal

Like the three strands on a braid of sweet grass, our guiding principles of love, share, and heal are woven together  in ways that ultimately preserve and strengthen the braid.  We are stronger together!  Everything we do comes from our hearts and embodies the spirit of love for all of our relations.  We recognize that everyone has teachings, gifts, experiences, and stories to share.  We believe that by starting from a place of love, we can create a space where all of us can safely share our teachings, gifts, experiences, stories, take part in ceremonies, and other  experiences that will strengthen our spirits and identities while ultimately healing our community.


Our vision is that all people in Winnipeg will be able to gather with a circle of Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and others to share traditional Indigenous Knowledge and teachings while taking part in ceremonies that can help strengthen the bodies, emotions, minds, and spirits to support the Indigenous identity of our people, families, and communities.