Boozhoo! Tansi! Aaniin! Wotziye! Ho/Han! Tanshi!

 Come Fly With Us At   The Thunderbird House 

Image result for interior photos of the Circle of Life Thunderbird HouseAs summer is fast approaching the availability of the Thunderbird House (TBH) to accommodate bookings for private functions is easier!  The Board of Directors invites you to book your private function.  Come and enjoy this beautifulRelated image
 Indigenous iconic building that has a lot of history and gorgeous interior setting.  We look forward to supporting you in making your event a wonderful experience.

The Circle of Life Thunderbird House (TBH) would like to take this time to acknowledge that the TBH is on Treaty One Land, the traditional territory of the Anishinaabe, Ininiw, and Dakota, and the Homeland of the Metis Nation. 

Miigwech! Ekosi! Masi cho! Merci!

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